Know What Works, In Real Time Marketing.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Nov 04, 2014 @ 10:11 AM

Know What Works, In Real Time Marketing (Mistake: Hit-or-Miss Ad Campaigns)

Follow the Tracks

When a buyer walks into the sales office and fills out an information card, it is generally useless. Why? Because buyers don’t want to waste time and when asked where they learned about a property, they often check the first box without looking.

Our research indicates that this information is usually inaccurate, which prevents marketers from really knowing what engaged the customer in the first place.

The Need

If a marketing campaign is all about creating connections, then you should know how and when a connection was successfully made through advertising so that you can replicate it.

Not only are traditional ads not compelling, but their effectiveness is impossible to measure. Such campaigns are simply presented to the public and developers hope for the best.

 real time trackable marketing

The N5R Solution

  • Our focus on trackable Internet technologies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn) offers a new, systematic way to measure the success of an ad campaign and adjust accordingly.
  • Every piece of marketing we produce, from print ads to online promotion, includes a unique website or an 800 number.
  • This lets us know exactly where each response came from.
  • Furthermore, online responses allow us to track and measure results in real time, using daily and weekly reporting to see which marketing pieces are creating the most positive results, and then refocus our efforts based on those results.

This also lets us quickly deliver serious prospects to your sales team.


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