Identify Hot Leads & Hit Them Fast.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sat, Nov 15, 2014 @ 07:11 AM

Know Who’s Hot & Hit Them Fast (Mistake : Letting Prospects Get Away)

It’s Not Catch-&-Release

 Expecting someone to buy a condo on their first visit to the sales office is like proposing marriage on a first date and expecting the person to say yes. Only 1% of people who walk into a sales office will make that big purchase commitment in the first visit.

 This means that potential buyers are slipping away 99% of the time. They come in, hear a pitch and leave, but the effort shouldn’t stop there.


The Need

 When a potential buyer walks through the office door, it should trigger a chain of responses from the sales team to build a relationship and keep the property foremost in buyer minds.

o    Research indicates that it takes 17 “touchpoints” to sell real estate to a buyer.

 o     Once a prospect has browsed your website or come into your office, then the work of drawing them in should begin.

 o    People have little patience and no memory when it comes to fulfilling their wants.

 o     Generally, prospects will hear back from a salesperson within a few days, if at all. By then, whatever piqued their interest has passed.

Hit Hot Leads ASAP 

The N5R Solution

 Trackable technologies allow us to discover serious buyers and send them to your sales team, saving time by choosing people who are truly interested.

 o     We suggest contacting leads within 4 hours to hit them at the height of interest.

 o    Such tactics will only be annoying to casual browsers, but serious buyers will appreciate the attention and factor it into their purchase decision.

 o    We apply the principles of human relations to real estate marketing, and have experienced an 80% success rate using these hands-on methods.

 o    If someone visits the office, they will receive a thank you

call and a followup card, along with email updates about the property to build excitement.


Real Estate Marketing Tips: Following Up On Leads



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