Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Aug 22, 2016 @ 17:08 PM

Sales Techniques, Matching & Mirroring
o   Matching the way your client sit to build rapport
o   Speak the same way & voice tonality with client
o   Pay attention to your client - try to pay attention to their workplace to see what intangible things they like or dislike, how they deal with work and etc.
o   Make friend with their secretary/ PA
o   When doing presentation, focus on the key people but do not neglect others
o   Remember the sales staffs are important too because if the sales people buy the idea, marketing has to do it
o   Future pacing your clients
o   Breakfast meeting, lunch & learn meeting, wine & cheese meeting, webinars
o   Follow up closely – call, voice mail, handwritten note, email, meeting… (average 17 touch points to make sales)
o   Shorten the touch points and don’t take too long to revert or follow up
o   Share success stories
o   Visualise what you say : 12X bigger than Bkt Jalil Stadium (Allibaba website)  we can put your project in front of the eyeballs
o   Show and tell, let client see what you present
o   Use different words to get them excited
We should control the conversation by asking!
Here is the discussion on how we can 2X up our sales in 30 days:-
§  2X up activities to meet and propose to clients
§  Get more prospects
§  Work longer but have to be in smart way
§  Back to basic – 80/20 rules, focus on the 20% big spenders
§  Attend more property events 
§  Be persistent (like a kid, never compromise untill they gotten what they wanted)
§  Build trust (sending hand written notes/ cards, do exactly what you promised them)
§  Create urgency (how to sell your inventory faster)
§  Strategic plan
§  Focus on most expensive and highly effective product
§  Be positive always
§  Upsell to existing clients
§  Make your daily, weekly & monthly game plan
§  Be a problem solver and attend to your clients need
§  Be responsive (respond immediately)
§  Integrated solutions (is like a whole meal deal, don’t forget to include case studies)
§  Prioritize your tasks
§  Brainstorming session between teams
Review – what was your goal yesterday, what did you achieve and what is your goal today?
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