How Social Media is Your Secret Weapon

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sun, Aug 14, 2016 @ 17:08 PM

Your Social Media - Give Them Something To Talk About
If you think your prospects and customers aren’t on social media, think again. If you believe that your prospects aren’t searching for businesses just like yours on social media, think again. If you still feel strongly that prospective customers aren’t talking about your business on social media, think again. With 1 billion people on Facebook and 250 million people on LinkedIn and 200 million people on Twitter and 190 million people using Google+, you can be sure that your prospective clients are on social media looking for firms just like yours right now. Social media has never been more important to businesses like yours than it is today. In the past 12 months, clients have seen social media catch up to organic search as a major source for new visitors to their websites.
 TIP: If your content is remarkable people will share it and when you have people talking about your content you have more visitors to your website and more leads for your business. 
The key is not to create another profile page, but to create social sites that continue your inbound marketing approach by leveraging educational content. Social media is where people come to converse. Your company has the expertise to facilitate those conversations, to start those conversations and to feed those conversations with content. The more active you can be in those conversations, the more new visitors you will send to your website, the more your website will be found on search engines, the more leads you will generate for your business and the more new client opportunities will present themselves to your firm. It all fits together, perhaps even more perfectly than you think. When you blog, you need to share that blog on social media. Besides publishing that blog content to your corporate social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +, you also need make sure that all your people are sharing that content with every single one of their business contacts on LinkedIn.
In addition to all that personal sharing, you should be pushing that blog content into the LinkedIn groups where your prospects are members. These groups have literally hundreds of thousands of members all looking for educational content to be shared in those LinkedIn groups. This isn’t always easy. Some of those groups are moderated and moderators typically have to publish that content. Most moderators do a decent job keeping up with it, but others are actually absentee moderators. The best way around moderators is to be an active contributor to these groups. If you are a top contributor, you can be sure your content will be distributed to all the members in a timely fashion. Finally, instead of just using a static corporate profile, make sure you reuse your offers from the Trio of Offers on your website. This entices visitors to your social media pages to click back to your website to download the educational materials. Now your social media pages are actively driving traffic to your site and turning that traffic into leads. These four small changes to the way you market your business could result in an increase in social media traffic to your website and an increase in leads over the next few days – not months.
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