6 Gmail Tricks You Need to Know!

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sat, Aug 20, 2016 @ 17:08 PM

6 of the best Gmail tricks you never knew existed



A few years ago, a Quora user asked the internet if they would share some lesser known Gmail tips. Over 100 answers later, the thread has become a surprisingly useful resource for anyone who uses Gmail on a regular basis.

Rather than ask you to sort through all 100+ answers, we’ve cherry-picked 6 of the most valuable tips and tricks from the list, all of which you can see below:


Use keyboard shortcutsScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_2.43.17_PM.png

You have two email addressesScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_2.44.07_PM.png

Find out who sold your email to spammersScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_2.47.50_PM.png

Mail delegatioNScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_3.00.23_PM.png

 Compose in a new windowScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_3.06.34_PM.png

The best of LabsScreen_Shot_2016-08-04_at_3.07.30_PM.png


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