Condo Mastery: Chapter 14 | Know Your Customer

On this episode of Condo Mastery, join real-estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk in Hong Kong to learn the concepts of understanding your customer better. Roman demonstrates how doing some simple research on your prospects can dramatically affect the way you sell and pitch yourself to them. By knowing a little bit about their life, you can mold your conversation with them. Tune in today!

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 13 | Booking Meetings


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Condo Mastery: Chapter 12 | Telling a Story

Telling a story to your clients is often difficult and at times may feel unnecessary, but Roman Bodnarchuk explains otherwise. Chairman & CEO of, real-estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk demonstrates how building a story around a project or company increases its credibility and the intrigue-element. Aspects such as introducing the team members, and presenting the ingredients that went into building this project will create exponential value for the company. Tune in on this fantastic episode of Condo Mastery.

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 11 | Dealing with Objections Part 2


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Condo Mastery: Chapter 10 | Dealing with Objections

At times we meet clients or prospects who will object to your ideas and sales pitches; watch real-estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchunk debunk the mystery of what to do when your leads reject your offers. In this podcast, Roman will provide a specific and detailed step-by-step process that will help you avoid losing a sale or client when objections are present. 

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 9 | Following Up & Creating an Experience Part 2

On this episode of Condo Mastery, real-estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk continues to present his knowledge on following up with your clients. This subject was introduced in the previous episode, however in this sequel, Roman provides essential technical and practical details that will better you as a salesperson. In the second half of the episode, Roman elaborates on creating an experience for your potential customers, because if they don't feel they are welcomed, you will lose the sale. Tune in now!

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 7 & 8 | Following up | Creating an Experience

Join us on this elaborate podcast where real-estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk speaks about how some companies implemented specific systems on following up with their prospects and leads. This vital process is a gateway to your success, and Roman demonstrates the effectiveness of these kind of systems. In the second part of the podcast, Roman introduces the idea of creating an experience for your customers. Nobody wants to come into a mundane environment and be under the impression that they are being sold to. It's all about creating a fantastic user experience from start to finish. 

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 5 & 6 | The Importance of Video | Handling Prospects

Watch real estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk elaborate on how a video can do the selling for you. When one is pitching, there are no incredible visuals or enticing music behind the person to amplify their narrative; with a video, all one has to do is sell them on watching it, and the video will do its part. In the second half of the podcast, Roman discusses how to prioritize leads and stay on track in your busy day with the many emails you may receive. In addition, he discusses how to handle prospects when they enter your office, and what to do with your body language. 

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 3 & 4 | The Protocol of Communication & Building Relationships the Right Way

Watch real-estate mastermind, Roman Bodnarchuk, Founder & Chairman of N5R, discuss how vital persuasive communication is with your clients and even among your everyday peers. By understanding why and how our communication affects our interaction with people, we can therefore develop better relationships with them; Roman touches on building relationships halfway in the podcast. 

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Condo Mastery: Chapter 1 | Learn How N5R Turned Itself Into A Million Dollar Company

Watch real estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk discuss how his company became the #1 real-estate marketing firm in Canada. It broke every single world record selling 367 condos in 90 minutes: a million dollars a minute.

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