Condo Mastery: Chapter 2 | How to Be the Optimal Salesperson


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Condo Mastery: Chapter 1 | Learn How N5R Turned Itself Into A Multi-million Dollar Company so Quickly

Watch real estate mastermind Roman Bodnarchuk discuss how his company became  the leading condo project marketing firm globally. It broke every single world record selling 367 condos in 90 minutes: a million dollars a minute.

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The Importance of a Sales Video

Videos today can be produced very inexpensively and are a very powerful sales tool for two reasons.

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What You Say Isn’t Everything You’re Saying

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5 Steps in Lead Nurturing

An important part of your business is to keep yourself noticed. Nowadays, there are so many methods to advertise, especially online. Lead nurturing is a way to increase potential leads through sending automatic emails. It’s a great way to inform and connect with those in your database, while also building visits to your website.

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Blog Mini-Series, Part 1 of 5: How To Improve Your Sales State Of Mind For Results

Introduction: It’s Not Your Market, It’s your Marketing 

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Handbook: Selling during ongoing change..

The world is always changing, and I’v written a handbook that teaches you how to work with change. It may just make you rethink your entire business.

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4 Reasons for Using Social Media in the Workplace

As social media has grown into a great platform for networking, more businesses are beginning to join sites such as Facebook and Twitter as an outlet for advertising and creating a closer connection with customers. Anyone can start their own social media profile, but it’s becoming more important than ever before in the office, and here’s why:

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3 Reasons to Create a Sales Video

A sales video can transform your sales pitch from boring to interactive. It sells your business to clients and can heighten their interest in setting up a meeting with you. A sales video sells your product or services, and captures why someone should be interested in what you have to offer.

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"Two Options Close:" 3 Steps for Setting Up a Meeting in Minutes

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