Phone Calls: 2016 Sales Strategy Tips

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Jan 15, 2016 @ 11:01 AM


Despite the rise of email and instant messaging, phone calls still rule the world of sales communications. As I mentioned yesterday in How To Manage Your Time In 2016, there are down sides to relying excessively on email, and time management benefits to checking email only twice a day. Phone calls will remain the backbone of your selling. It's how winning is done. Make your best efforts to master this part of your career. Feel free to start with the following two insights on the art of phone calls.


Plan to make 50 phone calls per day.

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That may sound like too many phone calls. After all, do you have the time to book or conduct 50 meetings per day? Except that's not how it works. If your sales team makes 50 phone calls per day, expect 25 conversations as a result of those 50 calls. Of the 25 conversations from 50 phone calls, you may successfully book 5 meetings on a good day. Of the 5 meetings, booked from 25 conversations that resulted from 50 phone calls, at least 2 of your booked meetings will be rescheduled or cancelled. Of the 3 meetings that ultimately occur, you have pretty good odds of closing one deal. That's why planning on so many phone calls is essential.

Start making phone calls first thing in the morning

Ask athletes when they work out, and most of them will say, "First thing in the morning." They need to do it and they get it out of the way. Your morning is when you have all the willpower and everything going for you. As I mentioned in How To Manage Your Time In 2016, you also have better statistical odds of speaking with the intended recipient of your phone call directly instead of through a screener if you call early.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Mastering the art of phone calls is just like a workout, it needs to be consistently done over time before you start to see results. And some people will see results quicker than others, but don't sweat it. Your hard work will pay off one day.

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