So, how do you create a touchpoint plan that works? Here’s how.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Nov 21, 2014 @ 07:11 AM

How to create a touchpoint plan that works? Here’s how.

First off, create an actual plan that covers off at least 17 different ways that a potential buyer’s interest can be maintained.Reaching out can take a variety of different forms – ads, website, phone calls, emails, return visits, and so on – but make sure they are numerous and use a variety of different methods to keep the momentum going. Also, write the plan down and ask salespeople to use it as part of their toolkit to keep track of how they’re staying in touch with leads.


Social media will give you all the most important touchpoints today, and probably the first that your prospects will ever see. One in seven people on this earth use Facebook, and over two hundred million people use LinkedIn. Each of these two examples allow you a Google style pay-per-click scheme, and the ability to target your audience geographically, demographically, and sometimes by job position and company so that ads are only ever seen by your ideal buyers. and every single daily or weekly ad or status update you run on sites like Facebook, Linkedin and twitter counts as a unique touchpoint. and they are powerful touchpoints indeed: targeted online ads can be anywhere from 400% to 1000% as effective as regular ads.

We have experienced an 80% success rate using these handson methods. As an example, if someone visits the office, they will receive a thank-you call and a follow-up card, along with email updates about the property to build excitement, build a relationship and generate awareness to turn interested browsers into serious buyers. That’s why we close on almost 20% of sales on prospects who come back for a second visit.

Marketing Tip: Touching on Touchpoints.



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