Social Media Mastery is Required.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Nov 10, 2014 @ 07:11 AM

Social Media Mastery is Required

(Mistake: Believing that blogs and social media are inessential)

These are not just nice things to have

 When tools like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn first arrived on the scene, people were not sure how to leverage them. Social media sites often remain untouched by developers. If you want to sell to Canadians then you must use these tools effectively. Blogs and social media are still treated like nice things to have when they should be seen as needs.

The Need

 Canadians are the most Internet savvy, and they have the highest Internet usage in the world.

  • Social media has become the most cost effective way to generate leads in Canada.
  • The time Canadians spend on the Internet and social media today is far more than the time they spend reading print ads in newspapers.
  • Social media profiles can be tracked to increase marketing effectiveness. You can discover leads’ interests; build profiles of them and create targeted advertising for them.
  • Blogs and social media can feature videos and interactive media. Printed paper can’t do that. It’s important to take advantage of the difference.
  • The average Canadian watches 5 hours of TV per day.
  • Canadians are more likely to watch videos than read brochures.



The N5R Solution

We have studied the science of how to use each social media tool in the most effective way possible.

  • We use Hubspot to manage websites, social media presence, blogs and lead tracking and nurturing. We leverage the full potential of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin profiles to create leads in the most effective way possible today.
  • This improves Google rank and helps clients get found.
  • Automated social media and blog monitoring tools help us understand what creates the most leads so we can dynamically evaluate and optimize each campaign
  • Blogs and social media are a necessary part of our detailed multi-channel approach, enabling comprehensive and effective one-to-one marketing campaigns.

This has proven results under any market conditions.

Learn more about why you should use social media:4 Reasons for Using Social Media in the Workplace




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