The Future of Sales

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Nov 07, 2016 @ 17:11 PM

7 Things Modern Salespeople Need to Do to Remain Relevant.

The door-to-door salespeople of decades past wouldn’t recognize selling today -- and that’s a good thing. As power shifts from the seller to the buyer, salespeople are incentivized to be helpful instead of pushy. Just like inbound marketing obliterated pushy outbound marketing, s inbound sales will transform sellers from aggressive closers into helpful advocates. And isn’t that the kind of buying experience we all want?

For salespeople to remain relevant to the empowered buyer of today, making the following X strategic changes will be critical.

1. Invest in social selling.
A full 42% of buyers in our survey said they communicate via social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter for business purposes, and sales teams growing more than 50% were more likely than any other group to identify LinkedIn as a valuable sales connection channel. It’s clear that buyers are engaging with salespeople on social media. Make sure your company is part of the conversation.

Is your company increasing or decreasing the size of the sales team over the next 12 months?





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