This Condo Developer's Guaranteed Sales Program Is Just The Beginning.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Jul 11, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

  is proud to have produced a two minute film about Gibraltar Development's project in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada called Wellington on Rhodora.

  • The developer found that most buyers were caught not wanting to sell where they currently live before buying a condo
  • Gibraltar offers to determine the market value of a buyer's current home, and buy their old place for cash
  • Gibraltar is the only developer in the province to offer a guaranteed sale program

At 0:36 - Find out Gibraltar Development's genius way to ease the condo buying process.

At 1:00 - Buyers are given a few other compelling reasons not to delay on their condo purchase, including future pain points like bad weather and planned tax increases.

By mentioning pain points such as terrible winter weather and the incoming government's plans to increase taxes, this video effectively portrays a Wellington on Rhodora condo as a bringer of relief.

This is an example of's condo selling and marketing philosophy. To learn more about what makes our agency super effective at what we do, download The Million Dollar Minute from Amazon. Read and click the testimonial below.

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N5R's goal is to help innovative real estate developers accelerate the world's transition from single family homes to more efficient and sustainable multi-family residences with a full range of powerful and proven sales and marketing strategies powered by technology.
"Roman has given us the confidence to believe in a structured and formal game plan from beginning to end of the product mix, design, marketing and sales delivery. Our projects are successful when we execute a process proven time and time again to deliver results." - Georgie Taarnby, Project Consultant

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