Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for 2015

Posted by Avital Borisovsky on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 13:02 PM

Top 5 Online Marketing Tools for 2015


What you sell is important, but how you sell your product can either help or hurt your business. Building exposure through successful online marketing can build your lead database exponentially, eventually leading to more customers. At N5R, we like to use a program called HubSpot. The programs you choose to use to market your business depends on what your needs are, but here are a few options you might want to consider.


Canva offers free simple-to-use templates and graphics that can make your next social media post or presentation stand out. You have endless options for background and text design, along with countless banners, pictures, buttons, infographics and much more that you can include.  


Building customer personas is important if you want to create targeted online marketing campaigns. Person allows you to input information relating to your ideal customer, such as the gender, behaviours and likes into a layout that makes it easy for the rest of your team to know the type of customer they should be targeting.


Building a relationship with a customer is very important, and a great way to do that is by knowing a little bit about them before getting on the phone.  When you enter a contact’s name, FullContact automatically updates the contact’s social media profile and photo, making it easy for you to know more about them.

While you may be posting your own content to social media, sometimes you might stumble upon a great article that you want to share but still want to be receiving leads. With, you can add a call to action to an external link and have visitors redirected to your site.

Have you ever visited a website, and the moment you try to exit a little box pops up offering you a promotion if you stay on the site? With Picreel, you can do just that. Since most website visitors never return, optimizing your website with exit offers can help capture visitors and turn them into potential leads.

Our list includes just a few of the endless online marketing tools available for businesses to improve their marketing and sales. To learn more about the importance of digital marketing, check out our ebook "Lovable Marketing Campaigns."


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