Ivory on Adelaide by Plaza - An Production

This stylish and visually engaging production follows all of the rules previously established in this sales video series. It sells the neighbourhood, it shows the person behind it and his vision, it helps the prospect imagine what it would be like to live there--it sells a lifestyle. What it also does from a company perspective is, using the ticker and text, it connects the viewer to social media. If there is anything as important as creating a great sales video, it's cross-promoting it across all available social media channels. That is where people are looking and spending their time online today. That is where you will reach leads and begin converting them into buyers.

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Use these 7 Easy Tips to Boost your Marketing Strategy

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Facebook Ads - Who Clicks on them?

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Why marketers should use YouTube in online marketing.

The recent article from Viralblog listed the statistics about YouTube to understand why YouTube is a powerful tool for marketer

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Twitter is for Business

The online platform, Twitter, has become a key asset to businesses worldwide. Gaining leads and marketing information has never been easier. Reduced to 140 characters, promoting your company through online activity is now quick and simplified.

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