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Did you know that Canadians love YouTube? According to comScore Video Metrix, 67% of Canada’s total population viewed more than 5.1 billion videos online, with the average viewer watching 232 videos in February 2011.  WOW! And, a lot of that traffic was on YouTube. So, my question to you:

Have you created a short engaging video of your new condo development and have it uploaded on YouTube, ensuring that it's properly tagged so that your target audience can find it?

If you're afraid that video production is too expensive, think again. Digital video production can be a cheap and cheerful experience if you know how to do it. Here at N5R, we've produced several online videos for our clients, including Tridel, Plaza, Empire Communities and Brad Lamb. We use a lot of Web-based video that doesn’t require downloading special software, but uses programs that are built into browsing systems. This lets us tell a story using the full media experience with discussions, testimonials and footage that send a powerful selling message to buyers. Video can become your best salesperson, giving your best sales presentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Email me ( to find out how easy it is to develop your own online video! And, the same video can be showcased on our TV show, every Monday/Thursday @ 6:30pm on Ch 21. Watch a selection of videos we've done for recent clients:

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