News Brought Super Saturdays to California

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Condo Sales Videos in 2016

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The Little Things Matter When Selling to Clients

The Little Things Matter When Selling to Clients

The Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands was an incredibly expensive condo. The developer was very successful in the early days of development and I asked him how he was able to pre-sell half of this very costly building. He told me that it was the weirdest thing. He was on Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands and he decided he would get up really early to create small hut and stand in it. There was nothing more to it. When anyone that’s very affluent goes to the Cayman Islands, they always go to Seven Mile Beach. It’s the best beach. Many would get up early to go for walks and they would watch him for a couple of days. By the third or fourth day they’d come and ask him, “Why are you standing in this hut?” and he would tell them, “Well, I’m building this hotel behind us. It’s going to be the Ritz Carlton. The most exclusive hotel in the world.” He pre-sold half of a $650 million project in a hut by himself because, once he had their attention, inevitably people were interested.

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When Size Matters

Posted by John Meagher on Mon, Sep 09, 2013 (360 PROPERTY GROUP) : 

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No Market is Too Tough for Great Marketing

I run my company N5R on the following motto: It's Not The Market, It's Your Marketing. It is a personal belief of mine, and time and time again different situations have proven it to be true. Granted that some jobs are always more challenging than others, one should not be quick to give up on a market where people are still buying condos, real estate or whatever you are selling. Today I want to share with you one extreme example that I will never forget, an experience which only served to reinforce my convictions. I worked on condo project sales in Jacksonville, Florida, right when the market was crashing in the US. I only did it as a favour to a friend who is a very successful developer in Toronto, who needed to sell as fast as he could and get out.

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Marketing and Sales Tips: Sell a Lifestyle First, a Floor Plan Second

Condo project sales ads are usually the same old boring thing. If you don't know what I mean, flip through a newspaper and look for the ads that seem the most average of the bunch. You will see diagrams, technical renderings, floor plans and numbers, things which might excite an architect but not anybody else. I will tell you who else that appeals to: condo developers whose projects these are. They want a beautiful representation of their project, viewed from an angle that people living there will not usually get to enjoy anyway. This kind of ad misses the mark. What would be on target?

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Marketing Tip: Touching on Touchpoints

Only one percent of people who walk into a condo project sales office will agree to buy on the first visit. Buying a condo is a big commitment, a long term relationship of sorts. How many people do you know who would say yes to a proposal on the first date? For that matter, how many people propose on a first date? It surprises me whenever a condo project sales office is treated like the beginning and the end of condo project marketing outreach. Every different way that you introduce customers to (and, after, remind customers of) your company and your project is what I call a touchpoint. Sales office visits, appointments, advertisements, email campaigns, each of these is a touchpoint to maintain the interest of sales leads. I am briefly going to summarize what you need to know about touchpoints.
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4 Proven Marketing Process Steps For Project Sales Experts

You might think that if you're a project sales expert, you know everything about condo or real estate project sales. After all, you are an expert, with all that experience behind you. Personally, I believe that we never stop learning, and it never hurts to consider winning ideas and add notes to your knowledge base. In the spirit of idea sharing, I am bringing you four sales process steps which, when properly implemented are proven to get great results.
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Marketing To 3 Common Condo and Real Estate Buyer Segments

One-size-fits-all marketing solutions rarely hit the whole audience being targeted. At best, they may get the one type of buyer who best fits the message, and at worst you are lucky to get more than a lukewarm response from any buyer. Fortunately, today's analytics and ad technologies allow you to create different campaigns targeting different buyer segments. You may as well bring those campaigns to any traditional media you intend to use for similar effectiveness. If you try to hit many targets with one arrow, you will hit no more than one target and miss all the others. With my method, it's more like having a unique arrow for each target and hitting all of them right in the middle. To show you in a more direct way what I mean by different buyer segments, I am going to discuss three types of buyers I have encountered in my many years of condo and real estate project marketing. Then I am going to give you an example where this method would be tricky, but should still work.

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6 Tips For Effective Sales and Marketing Tweets

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