How Follow-Ups Work In 2016


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Best ways to follow up with your leads



Imagine being able to know the status of an email you sent last week.

Imagine being able to find out who is visiting your website right now.

You want to know when messages are being opened, when proposals are viewed. When leads are browsing your site and what they are searching for.

We will help you to understand the best ways to follow up with your leads!


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Toyota's Customer Follow Up

Toyota’s Customer Follow Up

My wife and I wanted an SUV, a Toyota Sequoia. Just like most buyers, we knew the model we wanted, we knew what options we wanted and we knew how much we wanted to pay, but, of course, I wanted to test-drive the car. So, I went into the Toyota dealership and I was very clear and concise about what I was looking for and what I wanted to pay. They told me that they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, and even though they could not give me what I wanted that day, they did not let me leave without asking me to register.

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Marketing and Sales Tips: Following Up With Customers

Have you ever watched a movie that started off great but stopped being interesting somewhere in the middle? Or a sports team that jumped out to a big lead early in their game only to lose their advantage and ultimately lose the game? I have seen condo project sales that looked like they were doing everything right to start but were failing to follow up, and it looks remarkably similar. The project marketing process, like the game winning process, takes effort from beginning to end. Today I will discuss how important it is to follow up, and how to follow up, if you want to win the project marketing game.
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