Google+ Local Replaces Google Places: What Local Businesses Should Know

This article was written by Hubspots very own, Pamela Vaughan

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Two social media resolutions you need to implement for 2012

You've got your facebook, twitter, and social networking sites up and running. You even have found ways to use social media to connect with condo prospects, nurture leads, and continue the conversation with buyers. But, it's not time to rest on your 2011 laurels. 

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New eye-tracking study shows how people view social media profiles

Online marketers have known that the general population usually follows a similar visual path as they visit any web page. How do we know this? Called heat mapping, this technology tracks the eye's movements of a person as they view the contents of the web page. The results are astoundingly homogeneous across the online population and have influenced many web site re-designs, usability testing, and content decisions. Did you know that most of your site visitors follow an "F" pattern as they scroll your web page? You can find out more at HubSpot or Crazy Egg

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3 Reasons Why Google+ Might Just be the Next Best Thing

Google+ is a social networking platform, but there are so many faces to it. You can say it's like Facebook, except it’s more fresh. You could say it’s like Twitter, but more appealing. You can even separate who views your information by sharing it with particular Circles, or groups of people.
What’s more, be aware that Google+ is the largest directory backed by the biggest search engine in the universe. You may have heard of them; Google. How could Googlebe wrong? Google+ has a ton of additional features, including Google Places for location and an unbelievable potential for integrating even more of Google's services in the future. So why exactly am I making such a bold statement? Why do I feel it might be the next best thing? Let us count the ways.
  • It Can Help Your Business. Social networks are designed to imitate and copy real-world connectivity and information-sharing. They're designed to add to, but not replace social functions where people get to know each other. Google+ allows you to share media and data with everyone, or simply with your chosen Circles.
  • It’s Different. Everything you do inside stays inside. Second, Facebook and LinkedIn both adopt more of an "elite" model, which means that you have to know people to gain knowledge. That's why so many companies are pushing for "likes”, retweets, and shares.
  • Get In Now. Now’s the time to start! Simply put, it's important to take action on Google+ right now. Get familiar with the features, start building and nurturing connections and learn how to share and you'll be ahead of the pack.
I’m not often one for making such bold, out there statements, but I think Google+ warrants it. How are you using Google+ for business and personally? Let us know in the comments section.

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Google+ Stretches its reach to Everyone

It's official! Google+ is now available to everyone! A variety of new improvements have been released (thus moving from field to beta status) and among these is an internal Search field. Let's talk about some new and exciting features to Google+.

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How the 5 Major Social Media Platforms Compare

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Google's Chromebooks now Available in Stores

The first Chromebooks are now available for purchase.

Devices from Acer and Samsung are currently available via Best Buy and in the U.S. and at various online retailers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The Chromebooks run Chrome OS and are optimized for the web.

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80% of People go through Google -Discover the power of Google

It is time to familiarize yourself with its true power of Google in the world of real estate marketing. Google has transformed into more than just a search engine. Today, you can buy much of your traditional media through Google, including radio and television spots.  In many ways Google is a virtual one‐stop shop for advertising dollars.

However because most of us do not have time to become Google experts I recommend hiring one. Hiring a skilled Google expert is probably the best investment you can make – and it is an investment that should be made, considering the fact that the Internet drives 80 to 90% of all real estate sales, despite being allocated only 2% of the average marketing budget. A great way to lower your cost per lead

Let me give you an example of how Google marketing can pay off:
Lets say your price per lead is $660 from all traditional print marketing Your online cost per lead can be in the $100 range – but of all of our online advertising, the least expensive and most valuable investment was Google. It cost just $13 per lead.

Today every marketing initiate you do should drive people to the one, central marketing hub you have – your website.

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Google introduces +1 button

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Twitter and Facebook influence SEO

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