The King Charlotte - An N5R Produced Sales Video

Our series of video examples continues with Lamb Developments The King Charlotte. Watch this closely and consider the finer points of selling a condo with a video, because similar rules should apply for static ads as well. The very first thing you see is a furnished room, not a floor plan or building exterior shot. Why? Because your buyers want to imagine what it's like to live in this condo. An effective sales video visually tells such a story.

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Secrets Your Marketing Agency Won't Tell You

Is your ad agency on the level? Are they giving you the whole story? Roman Bodnarchuk, Chairman and CEO of, would like you to give this some serious thought.

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What to do when you know your website sucks?

This article was written by  Murray Sye

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Explore Your Marketing Campaign With Memes

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5 Pointers for Long-Term Social Media Marketing Success

Time, preparation and proper execution are all essential if you want to go ahead with a social media marketing campaign. We have seen that there are many benefits to using inbound marketing, but making sure it is done properly will increase your companies chances of long term success. Here’s a 5 step checklist that you should use to assure long term marketing success with social media.

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Google Confirms Panda 3.7 Update, And Other Marketing Stories of the Week

This article was written by Hubspots very own, Allyson Galle

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33 Examples of Dynamic Tags to Personalize Your Email Sends

This article was written by Hubspots very own, Pamela Vaughan

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How Controversy Within Your Content can Increase Your Traffic

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4 Points to Remember When Making Comics and Cartoons

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The Five Forces of Keyword Competition Framework

This excellent article was written by Krista LaRiviere 

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