How to Add QR Codes to your Marketing Strategy

A Google search for “QR code” is all it takes to find many websites you can go to generate your own QR code. Below you’ll find some useful links to help you build your first QR code.
Kaywa: QR code generator is the most effortless way to generate a QR code. Choose your preference, enter the content you want, specify size and click “Generate.” Save the code or grab the HTML to embed it online.
iCandy: helps you track scans and you can even view analytics on generated QR codes. Additionally, you have the ability to print codes through partner services.
Stickybits : (my personal favourite!) makes it easy to create stickers for your codes, as well as inspire collective content creation from people who scan your codes. This one has it all.
Apps that can scan codes are available for most smartphones. Search your app store for “barcode reader,” or “QR code scanner,” and you’ll find several to choose from.
Really the only limit you have as to where to use QR codes, is your imagination. So run wild!
  • Business cards: Generate a barcode that directs scanners to your online resume, small business Facebook Page or your website to help new contacts find you or your business faster.
  • Marketing materials: Add QR codes to send viewers to a particular how-to video, send them to a Flickr account, get them to follow you on Twitter, or point them to a landing page that promotes a new campaign.
  • Storefront windows: Generate your own QR code to place in your window. You can use this code to get Foursquare check-ins, point scanners to your Yelp profile, or invite customers to share memories in photo, video or text form via Stickybits.
  • For freebies: Everybody loves free! Why not reward your customers with 10% off their next purchase? Give them something small to thank them for their business. Create a custom QR code for the freebie you want to offer. You could even get creative and hide the QR code offers online, like on your Facebook page or website, or somewhere inside your store.
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