Finding the Right Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Finding the Right Real Estate Marketing Strategy

I once worked on a project in a place called Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t like to say that I’ve represented a lot of really gross projects, but this one was just disgusting and it was in a terrible area. I only did it because the developer is a very successful developer in Toronto and he asked me to do him a favour. The market was crashing in the US and he needed to sell this development and get out. When I went to visit the project I was afraid to get out of my car. The area was just not very nice. I knew immediately that the only thing we could do was market to people that already lived in this area. At least they wouldn’t be shocked when they visited the units.

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Going gaga over HubSpot

HubSpot is pretty famous these days. Well, maybe not as famous as the Beatles or bicycles. But HubSpot is as famous amongst marketers as let's say... One Direction is amongst teenage girls. Just like teenage girls and One Direction, there are different levels of fandom. Please don't ask me to explain what would make someone go gaga over these pre-pubescent boys. But, maybe it's just that not every teenager gets to see One Direction live, up close and personal. I don't know. Probably taking this analogy too far. But, when my wife and I walked by them performing at a mall once, I saw firsthand how much their fans adore them. Most of the concerts I attended were in the 90s. So, it was new thing for me to observe. Anyway, the marketers who use HubSpot effectively are kind of like that. You can see it in the case studies.

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