Women Control Buying Decision in Real Estate

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One Size Does Not Fit All- Target Marketing

One size does not fit all – not in t‐shirts, not in lattes and certainly not in real estate.

As a result one of the biggest mistakes developers make is to
use one brand statement to try to reach everybody. Those days have been replaced by highly targeted, individual marketing where all of your prospective buyers receive a marketing message that is specifically targeted to them.

If you have three different target groups, start with three different website addresses or URLs that focus the information on that particular group.

  • Investors: want to know about the commissions, contracts and closings. The site should answer all of their financial questions about the rental market
  • First time buyers on the other hand want to know that the area is young, sexy and hip. Their website should focus on these details and fresh imagery that would get their attention.
  • The empty Nesters are usually looking for a lot of floor space, storage and two or three car garages. They will usually be less interested in financing as they will be selling another property at the same time and buying their new home with cash
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A Sense of Urgency will sell Real Estate!

When potential buyers see a line of people waiting at one of the location and not at the other, they assume the busy one is superior, and then they follow the crowd.

It is a phenomenon known by many names ‐ pack mentality, peer pressure, following the herd – and it plays an absolutely critical role in selling real estate.

You can make the herd mentality work for you:
The idea is to bring together a group of qualified prospects interested in the same property, thus creating a sense of urgency.

When buyers compete for real estate, almost like in an auction setting, the fear of loss will often compel him or her to buy much faster. Creating urgency creates a competitive environment that helps property sell.

Considering having a launch party?
  • Think about hosting in a smaller venue than you might actually need. That way potential buyers will feel the squeeze, both psychologically and physically, when surrounded by a group of people all interested in the same thing.
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Roman Bodnarchuk Speaks about and and Social Media

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N5R Case Studies- Oasis

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N5R Case Studies- Tridel

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New Lake Muskoka Condo's at up to 40% off

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The ReVision Group, Fisher Auctions and N5R implements successful, sales strategy at Oasis Condominium project

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Tridel Night Event- Grand Opening of The Presentation Centre

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Join us for a tour of Tridels One Old Mill

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