Two social media resolutions you need to implement for 2012

You've got your facebook, twitter, and social networking sites up and running. You even have found ways to use social media to connect with condo prospects, nurture leads, and continue the conversation with buyers. But, it's not time to rest on your 2011 laurels. 

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5 Clever Uses of LinkedIn's Brand New Group Polls Feature

LinkedIn rolled out polls this week, a cool new feature for LinkedIn Groups (important distinction: this feature is not available for Company Pages). The feature has been rolling out over the past couple of days, and if you haven't seen it yet, you're sure to soon. LinkedIn has also let you like, comment on, and follow polls, helping spark discussion and increase user engagement with the group. Let's take a look at how to set up polls in LinkedIn Groups, and discuss 5 creative ways to use this new feature.

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N5R's weekly condo news round-up - week of December 19, 2011

Every Friday we round up the week's news related to condo sales and marketing, paying particular attention on the Toronto condo market. Here’s what the media had to say the week of December 19th, 2011:

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3 Steps to Producing a World-Class Condo Sales Video

In my previous post, we talked about all the reasons why online video can be your best sales tool when it comes to selling your condo development. I hope that you’re convinced of the power of this condo marketing tool, so let’s go through the steps to strategize and produce your very own digital video that can deliver your best sales presentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Developing your Video

#1: Set your objectives for your video. Obviously for condo developers, your video should sell the condo.  Also, determine what role will the video play - do you want to build awareness of your condo project, increase “direct traffic” to your condo website, or grow your YouTube Channel’s subscribers. This will affect how you’ll ultimately market your video.  Take inventory of all your creative assets that you have on-hand, including photos, logos, or proprietary images.  

Tip: I recommend an interview-style format for your first foray into video, where the main role is given to your property and one main spokesperson (either the condo developer or a narrator) - as opposed to gimmicky characters.

#2: Find a video professional.  Unless you have a video guru on your team, you’ll need to find a professional to actually tape, edit, and produce a final cut. Here at N5R, we’ve years of experience creating and marketing videos for top condo developers, so we’ve created a streamlined process that can produce a video in little time and it's relatively inexpensive when you compare traditional media costs. Not only will a video pro have the right equipment, they know how to take advantage of video’s ability to appeal to both audio and visual senses, ensuring that your video has powerful, emotional content that people love to share.

Tip: Be sure to include the video pro in an initial  brainstorm meeting with your team in order to create a storyboard, which is a sequential breakdown of the story that you want to tell. Everyone should agree on the storyboard and official script before filming starts.

#3: Produce and Edit the video. Usually it takes 2-3 days to tape a professional video, depending on how long the video storyboard is, travel time, and number of people being interviewed.

Tip: Five (5) minutes is an excellent length for a YouTube video. You can re-cut 2 or 3 shorter segments that can tease the viewer to watch the full video. And, don’t forget to make a strong call-to-action that motivates an action from the condo prospect e.g. register, e-mail newsletter, facebook ‘like’, etc.

Now that you know the steps to creating an amazing video, you need to market it, which we’ll talk about in an upcoming post!  

Email me to find out how easy it is to develop your own online video! And, the same video can be showcased on our TV show, The CondoOutlet TV Show, every Monday/Thursday @ 6:30pm on Ch 21 (Toronto, Rogers). Watch a selection of videos we've done for recent clients including King West Condos below.

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Three reasons why online video can sell your condo development

Condo developers say one of the biggest challenges to selling a condo property during pre-construction is bringing the property to life. Without a shovel yet in the ground, how can your target audience see the building, hear your vision, and learn what makes your condo unique? And there's no better way to break through the clutter of all the condo marketing noise happening in Toronto right now than producing your own online video. Why online video? 

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Top 3 features in Twitter for Business Account

Twitter is a must-have for condo developers and now it's even easier to make your business come to life with more than 140 characters - with the newly announced Twitter Business Account

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N5R produced Condo Outlet TV Show airs Tonight

Don't Forget to Tune in to Shop TV(Rogers Channel 21) Tonight at 6:30 for the Condo Outlet TV Show produced by N5R.
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Dominate SEO by Marketing Locally

The number of people you can reach around the world using the internet is astounding, but if you are a local business, reaching all of these people could be a waste of your time. Luckily, by using a combination of page optimization, inbound linking, social media involvement and focusing on local search terms, you can get your site to a top ranking position in local search easier than you might think. Hubspot’s Corey Eridon has a new blog post, in which he outlines the importance of using long tailed keywords, Google Places and other local directories and let’s you know how to best optimize your blog content. Click here to read the article.

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CondoOutlet TV

We produce a half and hour long TV show for It plays Monday and Thursdays at 6:30pm on Channel 21. Tune in to see some of the most interesting condo projects in Toronto.

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Using Content Visualization with Your Web Marketing

Visualized content has become a very powerful tool when posting reports or articles on your website and for a good reason, it grabs the audiences attention quickly. Largely, people are not likely to dive into a large block of block of text, but if you are able to convey a point right away using visualized content, they are likely to read your article to learn more about that point. Hubspot’s Pamela Vaughn recently posted a list of 17 examples of great visualized content on her blog, check it out here and see how using visualized content can help out your website or blog.

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