4 Reasons to picture yourself in Granite Harbour!

On the shores of Georgian Bay and catering to the 55+ retiree set, Granite Harbour, one of our newest waterfront developments will treat you to a variety of amenities to choose from that will have you asking yourself what to do first! So why's it so great? Let us count the ways!

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10 Marketing Facts Which Will Open Your Eyes!

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Social Media Myths - and YES they will surprise you!

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Quick Tips for SEO - Optimize Your Website this Weekend!

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Why marketers should use YouTube in online marketing.

The recent article from Viralblog listed the statistics about YouTube to understand why YouTube is a powerful tool for marketer

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Twitter is for Business

The online platform, Twitter, has become a key asset to businesses worldwide. Gaining leads and marketing information has never been easier. Reduced to 140 characters, promoting your company through online activity is now quick and simplified.

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Five Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

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AISystems Announces Strategic Arrangement With Major Social Media Company

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The “Housing Slump” - Ontario Real Estate

By Katherine Bialczyk

Is it a good idea to invest in real estate? Buy a cottage in Ontario? Or is it better to sit back and wait for the “economy” to correct itself?  Well, for those of you lucky enough not to endue lectures about Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”, I will give you my two cents on the topic.

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Luxury Eco-Structure Developer Introduces Costa Rica to Canadians

"More than just great coffee and white sandy beaches, Costa Rica is attracting a new type of investor, but they’ll have to go by way of The Four Seasons first".

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