Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Selling Florida Condos To Canadians

Investing in a foreign market can be a scary prospect for many people. It can make selling real estate to foreign investors very difficult, but N5R is always up for a challenge.

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Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Selling Condos In Toronto

Selling a condominium quickly, while keeping marketing costs down can be a real challenge, but it’s what N5R does best. Watch the video below to hear N5R’s CEO, Roman Bodnarchuk, explain how he helped Tridel sell 210 condos in only 3 weeks.

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Real Estate Marketing Secrets: What Ad Agencies Will Never Tell You

So it’s time to start driving sales for your real estate development and communicating your message to qualified prospects. That means you’ll have to hire an expensive ad agency to create a lot of expensive traditional media communications while you can sit back and watch your marketing budget fly though the roof, right?

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Florida Real Estate: A Market On The Rise

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Real Estate Marketing with Vine: Top 5 Tips

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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Selling Diabetes Testers with IQ Tests

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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Selling Olay To A New Generation

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Apple’s Newsstand: Top 5 Sales And Marketing Lessons

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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Putting a Mountain Resort Back On Top

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Innovative Marketing Lessons: Attracting Prospects

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