New eye-tracking study shows how people view social media profiles

Online marketers have known that the general population usually follows a similar visual path as they visit any web page. How do we know this? Called heat mapping, this technology tracks the eye's movements of a person as they view the contents of the web page. The results are astoundingly homogeneous across the online population and have influenced many web site re-designs, usability testing, and content decisions. Did you know that most of your site visitors follow an "F" pattern as they scroll your web page? You can find out more at HubSpot or Crazy Egg

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CondoOutlet TV

We produce a half and hour long TV show for It plays Monday and Thursdays at 6:30pm on Channel 21. Tune in to see some of the most interesting condo projects in Toronto.

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Design Solutions - N5R Produced Corporate Video

 Recently we produced a video for Design Solutions.

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N5R's Corporate Marketing Video for Rain Condominiums

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Secrets Your Ad Agency Won't Tell You - Online Marketing

In this new video from N5R, CEO Roman Bodnarchuk uses his thirteen years of experience in the advertising world to let you in on a few Secrets That Your Ad Agency Won't Tell You. Check out the video and see how you can use these secrets to your advantage.

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10 Marketing Mistakes Condo Real Estate Developers Make...

Marketing is both an art and a science and the science of Marketing has come a long way over the past 10 years - even 5 years. Marketing campaigns that used to work now are being ignored by your target audience. One marketing mistake that I've seen is "Wasting Media Budgets."

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25 Ways to Make your Web Site Remarkable...

Remember when a large portion of your marketing dollar went to making that high gloss, triple-fold brochure of your new condo development? Your team would labour for weeks on the photography and copy, ensuring that it would "wow" potential real estate clients and make them pick up the phone to call your sales office...

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Two secrets your ad agency won’t tell you…

I've been in the business for many years and have seen the re-balancing of how Canadians consume media. As a recent Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reports states: "Approximately 95 per cent of Canadian households can access broadband services using land-line facilities." And, according to recent data from Web research firm comScore, Canadians spend more time online than anyone else on Earth. And yet I still see high-profile marketing and advertising agencies avoid recommending Internet marketing to their real estate clients. 

In this hot condo real estate market in Toronto, real estate developers can find ways to break through the clutter; but at the same time they may have respond to their agency's hesitation. Why do traditional agencies shy away from leveraging "online" opportunities? I'll reveal a few in this short video. 
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Use these 7 Easy Tips to Boost your Marketing Strategy

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10 Marketing Facts Which Will Open Your Eyes!

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