Using Inside Sales to Call Your Database

Using Inside Sales to Call Your Database

If there is one sales software company that I would recommend it’s It’s a fantastic company and you can sign up for a 30-day trial for free. They have the greatest research and the most amazing information about selling.

What’s really excellent about their system is that it allows you to upload your entire database. If, for example, you have 300 leads, you would normally have to manually dial up 300 people. Obviously this is a long, drawn-out process and the reality is that only 10% of those leads would answer.

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The Follow-Up Call Questions

The Follow-Up Call Questions

When you start following up on your leads, you’ll find that the second you get a potential customer on the phone they will drill you for information. It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are selling, if a potential customer is truly interested they will ask you all sorts of questions, but remember that every time two humans meet, one is always selling the other. And how do you know who’s doing the selling? It’s the person asking the questions. You need to make sure that’s you and there are a few things you can do to manage this.

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The Marketing Power of Video, the Convenience of Phone Calls

All the greatest project marketing experts will tell you that phone calls are better than email, and in-person tops phone calls. The further away you get from meeting in person, the more you deprive yourself of the tools of effective communication: tonality and body language, which put together make 93% of what will win for you in condo or real estate project sales and any other sales for that matter. The problem is, we have phone calls and email because that's more convenient for people. They can't always meet you in person. Fortunately, new technologies are reducing the amount of marketing power that you would normally have to compromise for the sake of convenience. I'm going to discuss two of them.
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