Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Selling A Million Dollars A Minute

With N5R’s help Montecito Property Company became one of the fastest growing developers in North America, selling $2.5 billion in residential condos in 30 months. Watch the video below to hear about some of the marketing strategies they used to create that success.

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Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Selling Florida Condos To Canadians

Investing in a foreign market can be a scary prospect for many people. It can make selling real estate to foreign investors very difficult, but N5R is always up for a challenge.

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Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Selling Condos In Toronto

Selling a condominium quickly, while keeping marketing costs down can be a real challenge, but it’s what N5R does best. Watch the video below to hear N5R’s CEO, Roman Bodnarchuk, explain how he helped Tridel sell 210 condos in only 3 weeks.

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The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Roman Bodnarchuk, our Chairman and CEO here at N5R, recently interviewed Mike Volpe for our new Sales and Marketing TV show. Mike is the CMO of Hubspot, our inbound marketing software of choice. The show is called Big Business Secrets and it premiers in April. As a bit of a teaser we thought that we would give you a taste of some of Mike Volpe’s insights on Social Media Marketing.

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What do Kindle and the Toronto Condo Market have in common?

I'm proud to announce my recent book has been released on Kindle. "New Economy, New Rules: 10 Essential Sales and Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Developers," is a step-by-step guide for condominium real estate developers to successfully market and sell their properties. My 15 years of real estate experience gives insider knowledge of the typical condo buyer as well as how developers can sell their condos more quickly and efficiently.  Check it out on Amazon

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Traditional Realty Advertising Won't Sell.

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People Buy Real Estate When They See Others Buying

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The Top Blogs We Turn To In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is an ever changing, ever expanding market, and diving into this realm can be overwhelming. This is due to the huge variety of information, new technology, and new opinions and ideas that constantly surface. The best way to deal with any anxieties you have in the industry and questions about things you don’t understand is to have a strong network of people and places you turn to in order to receive a helping hand. So we at Apartment Talk have decided to compile a list of the blogs and bloggers whom we have found to be particularly helpful on our journey through the real estate and property management industry (in no particular order):

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Case Study: CondoOutlet

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N5R Case Studies- Tridel

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