Blog Mini-Series, Part 4 of 5: How To Improve Your Sales State Of Mind For Results

Sell to Women First

“If you want to improve your sales, the first thing you need to do is take a good look at yourself, your basic techniques and how you relate to people.”

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Blog Mini-Series, Part 2 of 5: How To Improve Your Sales State Of Mind For Results

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4 Proven Marketing Process Steps For Project Sales Experts

You might think that if you're a project sales expert, you know everything about condo or real estate project sales. After all, you are an expert, with all that experience behind you. Personally, I believe that we never stop learning, and it never hurts to consider winning ideas and add notes to your knowledge base. In the spirit of idea sharing, I am bringing you four sales process steps which, when properly implemented are proven to get great results.
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