The Right Sales Team for Working Leads

The Right Sales Team for Working Leads

The project was called Westmount Grand. It was a 77-unit building in an area called Waterloo, Ontario. Waterloo is where they make the Blackberry smartphone, and it’s a growing city. All of the big tech companies are there and the universities are very well known. It’s a great place, but that market hadn’t seen a luxury condominium before Westmount Grand.

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Blog Mini-Series, Part 2 of 5: How To Improve Your Sales State Of Mind For Results

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5 Tips for Creating a World Class Condo Project Sales Team

There are three kinds of sales teams I have experienced in my sales and marketing career. I have been a part of these teams but more recently assembled them for N5R. There are great sales teams, mediocre sales teams and just plain horrible sales teams. They do things differently and get compensated differently. If you want a world class condo project sales team (and why would you not?) then never believe that you can pay them poorly. Get a world class compensation package ready for them, because a world class condo project sales team that gets compensated at a mediocre level will perform at that pay level. That is both a waste of talent and a poor way to get the results you want. Here are four key points from the ideal process I would go through to build a world class condo project sales team.

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