Marketing Tip: The Power of Video in Project Marketing

It's very inexpensive to produce high definition video today, and thanks to YouTube the cost of distribution is much lower as well. Every project sales agency and expert should know that by now, but there are other reasons why video remains a powerful project marketing tool.
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Absolute Towers: Marilyn Monroe Penthouses - An Sales Video

This video continues in the tradition of the one we looked at yesterday. I am not normally a fan of using building photos as the primary way to sell condos, but this is a big exception. Absolute Towers creates one-of-a-kind structures that people stop to take pictures of. At the same time, as you will see, the video does not stop there. It continues to follow the sales video philosophy. What it does especially well is tell a story. It tells the story of how this and other Absolute Towers projects came to be.

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Ivory on Adelaide by Plaza - An Production

This stylish and visually engaging production follows all of the rules previously established in this sales video series. It sells the neighbourhood, it shows the person behind it and his vision, it helps the prospect imagine what it would be like to live there--it sells a lifestyle. What it also does from a company perspective is, using the ticker and text, it connects the viewer to social media. If there is anything as important as creating a great sales video, it's cross-promoting it across all available social media channels. That is where people are looking and spending their time online today. That is where you will reach leads and begin converting them into buyers.

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Rain Condominiums in Oakville - An N5R Produced Sales Video

Our sales video series resumes with a look at what did for Rain Condominiums in Oakville, an Empire community. The video adheres to previously mentioned rules--it shows furnished interiors and uses maps to reveal the surrounding neighbourhood. It also shows you an interview with the man behind the development, and it makes use of music and raindrops to create a feeling. Great ads need real emotional content. Both sides of the brain, logical and emotional, need some attention paid to them.

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What Your Marketing Agency Won't Tell You

This is the companion video to the previously posted Secrets Your Ad Agency Will Never Tell You. It continues the discussion of things that other marketing agencies may not mention when quoting projects and executing strategy for your company. See if any of this sounds familiar.

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NBA Hosts its First Ever Social Media Awards

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YouTube Open With The Idea of Paid Subscriptions

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Marketing your condo sales video

Yesterday, we talked about how to produce a professional, sales video for your condo development. Now that you’ve made the investment, it’s time to tell the world!

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Who's more socially networked - Canadians or Americans?

Social media has certainly become mainstream in the past two years and 2011 was a year of phenomenal growth for Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube particularly. A 2010 study by Comscore found that Canadians rock when it comes to social media usage:

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Web 2.0 Summit 2011: Mary Meeker and Internet Trends

By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek

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