What Condo Sales CRM Should You Use?

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Feb 19, 2016 @ 13:02 PM

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Roman Bodnarchuk, CEO of, discusses some of the Content Resource Management (CRM) systems available, and which he prefers for condo sales and marketing at his company.


At 0:17 - What is the most famous CRM system? Get a quick word on its benefits and downsides.

At 0:33 - Listen to how HubSpot CRM solves the biggest downside of its famous competitor, and what other amazing things HubSpot can do.

At 1:49 - "There's no need to say, 'I just emailed this person, I just left a message,' it's already in the system. It's cloud based so everybody knows what's going on."

At 2:39 - "Whoever calls the most, emails the most, always the top producer... you don't realize how few calls you're making until you use this system."

At 3:32 - "It listens to all of your prospects on social media."

At 4:05 - "I'm a big fan of this software because it's the only CRM I've seen that doesn't make me do any extra work, it does it for me."

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