What do Starbucks and Trump Have in Common? The Customer Experience

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sun, Dec 28, 2014 @ 11:12 AM

What do Starbucks and Trump Have in Common?
The Customer Experience

The Starbucks Experience

Do you remember what coffee shops were like before Starbucks? Most of them were drab, lifeless, awful places, but thanks to Starbucks our coffee-enjoying experience has completely changed. Now some of the places where we take our morning coffees and bagels are more stylish and comfortable than our own homes. The reason is that Starbucks always remembers to take care of every little part of their customers’ experience. Everything is about making the customer as comfortable and relaxed as possible – from the smell, to the interior design, right down to the music in the air. Having the perfect music sets the tone for your morning and, knowing that, Starbucks spends millions of dollars researching the right songs to play.

The Trump Experience

When I was selling a Trump penthouse, we went through the presentation and I knew my client was ready in principle, but I needed a way to take things to the next level. I had to get him into that hotel, so he could really feel that Trump experience.

He ended up agreeing to stay in the hotel for $50,000 per month. I personally went to every member of the staff and told them to make him feel like a rock star. He lived there for three months and he was literally at the spa and having parties constantly. He was in that lifestyle. The first week he was there I had business cards made up for him that had his name in residence at Trump. He was already telling his friends that he was living there. After 3 months we were able to get a $10 million deposit from him. That’s how we got the deal. We gave him the experience that sold him.

Watch as I discuss how the right environment can help improve customer experience:

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