Why You Need To Add Sales Leads On Social Media

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Feb 11, 2016 @ 11:02 AM

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In this short video excerpt from a Condo Mastery session in Australia, CEO Roman Bodnarchuk explains the importance of adding sales leads on social media.

It's not just about doing social media research on sales leads, it's about making sure they will see everything you post forever. But if you do that, then make sure you have social media profiles on every website that you can be proud of. Roman explains why.

At 0:10 - "If you're going to go to Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Google+ to research them, you just press one more button and you can ensure a sale." Learn what button this is.

At 0:30 - "The odds of them getting you a referral even without them knowing it is incredible. But how many of you are... adding all your leads on social media?"

At 0:50 - "As we're checking our prospects, believe me, they're checking you out."

At 1:03 - "Because trust me they're making the biggest investment of their entire human life. They've got to trust you."

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N5R's goal is to help innovative real estate developers accelerate the world's transition from single family homes to more efficient and sustainable multi-family residences with a full range of powerful and proven sales and marketing strategies powered by technology.
"Roman is a positive, no nonsense, no excuses individual. I was immediately eager to absorb as much information and insight and tricks of the trade to further enhance my professional development and to also become more efficient and effective in my work life. He was engaging, thoughtful and obviously very current in sales and project management techniques to lift productivity and achieve specific goals. I highly recommend to get in touch with Roman to make yourself accountable and to achieve a clearer sense of process through his clever yet simplistic mantra and software." - Alex Minicozzi, Project Consultant

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