Why Your Sales Strategy Needs to Change Today More Than Ever Before

Posted by Avital Borisovsky on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 15:03 PM

Why Your Sales Strategy Needs to Change Today More Than Ever Before

Since N5R began its work in real estate 15 years ago, the world has changed massively. In a short period of time, technology has transformed how we communicate and how we conduct business. What you were using for your sales strategy just five years ago will not work today. Customers want information fast and it’s up to you to give it to them.

Watch as N5R's Roman Bodnarchuk discusses in India how the world has changed in the past 15 years:

Here are just a few tips for how your sales strategy needs to change if you want your company to be successful in 2015.

Improve Response Time

When emails just began gaining popularity as a form of communication, you and customers were okay with waiting a few days for a response. If a potential client registered at a trade show, they were okay with waiting for your follow up. Today, people want responses instantly.

The Five Minute Rule

If someone registers on your website, be prepared to give them a call within five minutes of them registering. Even calling just four hours later opposed to five minutes will diminish your chances of setting up a meeting. Customers want to feel important and the longer they wait for a response, the more they will feel like they’re not important to you.


Abandon Office Hours

Following the five minute rule in your sales strategy also means abandoning the idea of office hours. If a prospect registers on your website after office hours, you will blow your chances of turning them into a customer if you wait until the next day to call. Everyone carries a smartphone around nowadays, making it easy to instantly communicate with leads over phone and email.

Improve Customer Service

Five years ago when you called customer service, it was expected that you’d be on hold for a certain amount of time. Today, customers do not have that same patience. They want to speak to a real person as soon as possible. Southwest Airlines is a great example of a company that cares about their customers. They answer phone calls live within two minutes. Quick customer service is an important step for leaving customers satisfied and not frustrated.

These are just a few tips for changing your sales strategy this year. As technology evolves and customer expectations change, how your company sells and communicates with customers will have to change as well. What worked 15 years ago does not work the same today and what works today will not work the same 15 years from now.

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