Words Every Salesperson Should Live By For Lead Conversion

Posted by Avital Borisovsky on Tue, Jan 13, 2015 @ 08:01 AM

Words Every Salesperson Should Live By For Lead Conversion

While the body language and tone of voice you use can make or break your success with prospects, what you say still plays a big role in the sales process. Here's our list of the top five words every salesperson should use to interest potential buyers in what you're selling and improve lead conversion.
#1 - Do

This is a word everyone should live by, not just a salesperson The next time you catch yourself saying you'll "try" to do something, change that word to "do." When you say the word "try," it means there's a possibility it won't get done. "Do" not only improves a lead's confidence in you, but also forces you to get the job done. 

#2 - Name

When you're speaking to a lead, remember to mention their name throughout the conversation. This helps build your relationship with the potential client and personalizes what you're selling. 

#3 - You

The best companies are those that focus on the customer and less on the benefit of the company. Ask your lead questions, learn more about them and relate your services to their needs. Nobody wants to listen to a script on why your organization is so great.

#4 - Or

Giving your lead several options from your proposal will improve the chance for lead conversion. People love variety and choosing what suits their needs most. 

#5 - Imagine

I can't say this enough - facts tell, but stories sell. Allow your lead to imagine the different ways your product or service will benefit them. If you're selling a condominium, have them envision what their everyday life could look like living there. 

While in Australia, I discussed the importance of telling a story to your leads. 

Although there are many more keywords that can help you sell, using this top five list will lead you to a more successful sales process and lead conversion rate.

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