4 Reasons Why Skype Meetings Work

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Oct 22, 2014 9:10:00 PM


Before you get off the phone after setting up a meeting, ask your client one more question. Ask if they have Skype. If they have it, find out if they’d be interested in having a Skype meeting. Follow-up with a confirmation the next day and make sure to share your Skype name. Not everyone may want a Skype meeting, but if even half of your clients agree to use it, it’ll prove to be very effective. 

Why Conduct Skype Meetings?:

1) Convenience

Conducting a Skype meeting will allow you meet from wherever suits you. You can stay in the office and have more time for other work, instead of spending that time travelling to your meeting.

2) Time-saving

You’ll skip heavy traffic and won’t have to travel around the city if you booked several Skype meetings for one day. In a city like Hong Kong, it would be impossible to get from one meeting to another. With our busy daily lives, it’s always nice to save time any way possible.

3) Boosts business success

Without having to take in account travelling time and distance, you’ll now be able to fit more meetings into your day. The higher amount of meetings you have will lead to a higher volume of business opportunities. This will lead to higher revenue and more growth for your business.

 4) Closest you’ll get to an in-person meeting

During a Skype meeting, conduct yourself the same way you would in person. If you usually stand during a meeting, do so during the call. The interaction will continue to exist as they can see your facial expressions and you can see theirs. Ask questions as you normally would and continue to keep the conversation engaging.

How often do you conduct Skype meetings?