5 Successful Tips that will make YOUR website work for YOU!!

Posted by Stacie Omumia on Oct 28, 2015 11:13:31 AM


Say Hello!

Great your visitors! Theses 5 Tips will make Your website work for you!

There are so many tools out there that will make working, communicating and targeting your prospective clients easier, and they are free, use them!

Once someone logs onto your website you should be notified, use Signals. It’s an app you can download on any device; it connects to your website and your email alerting you whenever someone is visiting the site.
Now you’ve been notified, someone is checking your website someone is looking to get in contact with you! This is the most ideal time for you to contact them and turn a visitor into a prospective client! Call them! 
 Steer them towards new interesting projects or marketing. “Have you had a chance to see the new video we just put up? I think you would be very interesting in it. You didn’t get a chance? Take a minute watch the video.  Let me call you back later today would 11:15am or 2:45pm be better?”
Give them specific times, it shows them they are important. Make them feel special you really want them to see this video you want to call them back and hear their opinion. 
When talking to them about the video or article ask them their opinion, be interested in what they have to say. If they we impressed by the visuals, you now know you can gear video services towards them. If they are interested in the marketing you can speak on that. 
Make them an offer. Tell them you have important information on new ways to promote videos or different style marketing that you want to show them specifically. You need THEM to see this information that will be beneficial for THEIR company. Tell them you need to get them on a Skype call.
Skype is the most beneficial tool you can use in order to meet with prospects. Everyone is on Skype, you need to be on Skype!
If they are going out of town, they are in another city you can still contact them, it allows you to be anywhere in the world and get your directive across to your prospects.  It adds a personal element for them, they get a chance to see your enthusiasm and how excited you are to speak to them.
For you it could not be more important, it allows you to see their interest level, read their body language. Making it possible for you to gear your pitch even more, to their needs.
Now you have them on the Skype call. Be Prepared, Before you take that call research them,  know this client in it takes 5 minutes to check their social media, check their website. Find out about their past projects it takes you no tie but gives you a wealth of information on how to sell to them and how you will be able to work with them.
Be prepared with what you are going to say have key points and follow them.  
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