Find Serious Investors With 8 Key Questions

Posted by Stacie Omumia on Oct 28, 2015 10:22:07 AM

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These 8 Key Questions will help you determine who the best potential investors are, and get them exactly what they are looking for.

They have been on your website, now you have them on a call:

. Have they watched your video, what did they like best?
. No video, What attracted them to your website?

Theses two first questions allow you to gage their interest level. They need to be asked!

Now that you have this knowledge you can start asking them these 8 Key questions that will give you all the information you need in order to find them their dream investment.

1. Have they purchased investment property before?

. Pre-construction
. Constructed

Theses things are key to know so you can gage wether or not you will have to educate them on what goes on in the investment of their future endeavours. Always praise them for their past investments.

2. What is most important to them as investors?

This helps you determine are they investing for:

. The Return

. A leasing agreement

. In and out flipping

3. How long have you been looking?

This will also help you determine how serious they are, have they been looking and comparing different developers and constructions?

4. Where else have they looked?

Helps you access your competitors and determine what style investment they are geared towards.

5. What is most important to them?

Are they focused on location, design, convince or developers? 

6. What is their price range? 

By now you should know their price range or at least have a vague idea of it.

7. What is their time frame and who else is working with them to make this decision?

Time frame helps you determine how long to devote to this particular prospect. You need to find out who else the prospect is working with in order to also present your strategy to them, instead of them hearing it through someone else where you have no influence. 

8. Could you move forward today?!

If everything on their wish list was met would they be able to move forward. Be respectful but this is the question that show you their true intentions.

Using  theses 8 Key questions with prospect and you will be able to make smart investment deals!