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As founder of N5R Inc., Roman has been revolutionizing Realty online marketing from the very beginning. He is regarded in professional circles as a Real Estate Marketing As one of the Top Keynote Speakers In Real Estate, Roman has been featured in dozens of conferences and trade shows around the world.  He is often quoted in major newspapers such as USA Today, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and The Globe & Mail.  Romans comments on Real Estate marketing techniques have been featured weekly in over 30 marketing publications. 

Roman recently speaking at an investor forum in India.

Now it's your turn!  learn the secrets that earned Roman the  world record for the fastest condo conversion sell-outs ever. This included selling 360 units worth $90 million in 90 minutes in Phoenix. On a separate occasion, he lead a one-day condo-sell-out of 325 units in Hilton Head, South Carolina.






         And don't 
forget to catch Roman at the 2014 Property Show happening Wednesday October 18th at The Hyatt Regency, Toronto 
                                                                                    FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE: 


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In a changing world, we are always looking for a new way to find out more and more about the customer and to develop new leads. Many marketers still have an outdated way of thinking, planning, and developing their marketing plans.

THE GOAL: to successfully be able to track leads and gather useful, accurate data about your prospects.


First, and perhaps one of the most useful tips is to focus your budget. Write down what you expect your cost-per-lead to be. 

simple enough right? But by tracking information you can produce real-results. 

We also already know prospects have an on demand mentality, want real time customer service and want the bar raised when it comes to condo expectations.

So how do you land a sale with the bar raised so high? Use your resources! There are so many different software programs, websites and different technology dedicated to building and finding out more about leads that will help you land that precious sale. 

                                 Roman Bodnarchuk's "It's not the market, It's your marketing"



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Boosting investor confidence, N5R Chairman and CEO Roman Bodnarchuk brought his marketing expertise to a forum in Noida, India.


Organzied by WAVE Infratech, Taxation expert Abhishek Batra also spoke at the event.

Roman and the N5R team are currently working with WAVE Infratech and the Wave City Center - Belleville Park project - A mixed, luxury commerical and residential development in India. 

Boosting investor confidence, N5R Chairman and CEO Roman Bodnarchuk brought his marketing expertise to a fourm in Noida, India.

Romans reasons to invest, sparked interest across the country, landing in business pages everywhere.

You can view the content of Romans prestation here: 


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Muskoka Activities: Have some free time? Build a Canoe!

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Oct 3, 2011 6:06:00 PM

Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HEREMarriott Condo-Hotel

Nova Craft Canoe Company builds a canoe for paddler Kevin Callan to help celebrate the Canadian Canoe Museum's Canada's National Canoe Day Celebration on June 26th.


Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HEREMarriott Condo-Hotel

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Muskoka Wharf Becomes a Star on SHOP TV Rogers Channel 21:

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Sep 30, 2011 2:56:00 PM

Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HEREMarriott Condo-Hotel

This weekend, The Residences at Muskoka Wharf and The Residence at The Wharf Condo-Hotel will be featured on The Condo Outlet TV Show which is the highest ranking Real Estate Show on TV!

A number of exciting new projects will be featured including, Theatre Park, Rain Condominiums, The King Charlotte and The Residence at Muskoka Wharf will be featured. Condo Outlet the TV Show airs every Saturday & Sunday at 11:30 PM. Don't miss it!

The Residence Inn at Muskoka Wharf by Marriott

The Residences at Muskoka Wharf Only 5 suites left!

On Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst, these mid-rise condominiums offer you a four-season resort lifestyle with 2 bedroom suites.

The Residence Inn Muskoka Wharf
The Residence at The Wharf

In the architectual tradition of Muskoka's Grand Resorts, we offer these fabulous condo-hotel suites, an affordable alternative to having your own cottage on Lake Muskoka that is also a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HEREMarriott Condo-Hotel

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What's All the Fuss About Condo-Hotels?

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Sep 30, 2011 2:20:00 PM

Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HEREMarriott Condo-Hotel

Lately, condo-hotels have been popping up in Canada which leaves many people wondering "What is a condo-hotel" "what are they used for" and "how does it benefit me, the investor?" Hopefully, this will start to build a foundation for your understanding.

What Are Condo Hotels?

Condo hotels, also known as condotels, are typically large, high-rise developments in prime locations. They look and operate like an upscale hotel, offering five-star amenities and services to thier guests, but each suite in the hotel is individually owned.

The Residence Inn Muskoka Wharf Marriott

Hassle-free Ownership

As an owner, you can use your condo hotel suite whenever you want and place it in the hotel rental program whenever you're not there. In return, you'll receive a share of the revenue it generates.

Hassle-free Ownership 

When you buy a designer-furnished suite in a Marriott condo hotel, you own a piece of the Marriott dynasty. You get a beautiful vacation home in a magnificent location. You have access to five-star amenities like a full-service spa, resort pools and fine-dining restaurants.

Best of all, ownership is 100% stress free. The hotel management company takes care of all the details, from maintaining and operating the property, to finding guests to rent your condo hotel unit.

A Real Estate Investment

Because condo hotels are prestigious properties located on prime real estate, they typically appreciate over time. For that reason, they are often used to diversify an investment portfolio. Consider the value of the Mariott name, and you can see how investing in a Marriott condo hotel has extraordinary upside potential.

Learn About Condo-Hotels in Muskoka Managed by the World's Leading hotelier.
1 Bedroom Suites starting at only $171,750. Clich HER

Marriott Condo-Hotel

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Muskoka Events: Pick Your Own Harvest!

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Sep 29, 2011 10:27:00 AM

Learn About Owning Your Own Piece of Lake Muskoka for only $171,750. Full Ownership. Click Here

Apple picking

September 2011: Apples have started! September and the beginning of October is the big time for apples! Blueberries are finishing in the Southern areas but are still going in cooler areas, don't miss them! In most areas, peaches are going strong, as are figs.

Why not go pick your own apples, bluberries and vegtables? Its fun for the whole family. There are many pick your own produce farms in and around Muskoka.Brooklands Farm

You could try
Brooklands Farm. They have asparagus, beans, beets, broad beans, carrots, corn (sweet), onions, peas, pumpkins, raspberries, rhubarb, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes & other vegetables. They also produce Maple Syrup which is available late March onwards.

Brooklands Farm is a family farm that practices sustainable farming while encouraging eating locally. Children (for that matter adults) of all ages are encourage to learn and ask questions about farming and the importance of fresh produce!
Muskoka events
Pick up an apple today!

Address: 1375 Butter & Egg Road, RR # 6, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1X4.
Phone: 705-764-1888. Fax: 705 764 1695. Email: Directions: 1375 Butter & Egg Road is located 1km north of Hwy 118W at Milford Bay in Muskoka.
Hours of Operation: May to October from 8AM to 5PM (weather and produce permitting). Remember to call ahead to double check!

Learn About Owning Your Own Piece of Lake Muskoka for only $171,750. Full Ownership. Click Here

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FALL CRUISES - A Muskoka Thanksgiving on the Segwun

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Sep 27, 2011 4:47:00 PM

describe the imageThere is no better way to discover the unmatched Fall colours of Muskoka then with a cruise aboard the R.M.S. Segwun or Wenonah II.  Whether you choose a lunch or sightseeing cruise, your voyage will include the unparalleled scenery and grand summer homes of Lake Muskoka.  Daily cruises are available departing Gravenhurst through until October 10th.  Additionally, Wenonah II will be offering cruises departing Port Carling and showcasing Lake Rosseau from October 11th through 16th.

Why not try a Thanksgiving Day Cruise!?

A few tickets still remain for the Segwun’s annual Thanksgiving Day Cruise sailing on Monday October 10th from 10am to 7pm.  Featuring the fabulous Fall colours of Lakes Muskoka & Rosseau and a traditional Thanksgiving lunch served at Clevelands House Resort, this cruise is truly a magical Muskoka experience.

picture 261Before or after your cruise, be sure to visit Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre.  This year's feature exhibit,The Muskoka Bay Story, invited guests to step back in time.  Get your ticket at the recreated Wharf Station ticket office and travel back in time where you will experience the discovery and development of Muskoka Bay through the eyes of the earliest settlers, recreationists and entrepreneurs.  Meet the McCabe's, "Mickey" and "Mother" and find out why she can lay claim to the title "first promoter of Muskoka tourism" and appreciate the impact of the arrival of train service at the Muskoka Wharf.  Enjoy a model railway display arriving at a scale model Wharf Station and more ...

The steamship docks were abuzz with the CBC filming of “Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town” aboard the R.M.S. Segwun this past week.  In celebration of CBC Television’s 75th anniversary, Segwun will take on the role of the steamboat “Mariposa Belle”.  The Segwun will be captured on film with both day and night time scenes over the four day window. 

For cruise reservations and information, please contact Muskoka Steamships at (705) 687-6667.

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Muskoka Wildlife: Gray Treefrogs

Posted by Katherine Bialczyk on Sep 26, 2011 4:39:00 PM

tree frog 1Every time I go to my cottage in Muskoka I see a classic tribute to Muskoka's wildlife - a Treefrog! Or at least I see them every time I try to BBQ (they like to hide in there at night), and I hear them all the time! Now as the temperature drops I wonder where do they go? 

tree frog 4tree frog2



Habitat: These treefrogs may be found on trees and shrubs near permanent water. They prefer mature or second growth woodlands although they may also inhabit orchards. They are rarely seen outside the breeding season.

tree frog 5Treefrogs are usually little gray or green beasties that must bury themselves soon under leaves. Unlike frogs, they don't bury themselves in mud. I will be so sad to see them go, or rather, not see them. The bright yellow flag on their upper thigh is amazing.

tree frog 3So long, tree frogs. I will miss you. Fall approaches, and time to sleep. The dead, dry leaves are falling off the branches. I know snow will fall before you know it. I adore each season and the gifts change brings.

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Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sep 23, 2011 7:23:00 AM

Start: September 24, 2011 at 10:00AM

Ends: September 24, 2011 at 6:00PM

picture 94The Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour is proud to continue its rich legacy of the arts in 2011, our 33rd year of presenting scores of diversely talented artists. Conceived by one individual three decades ago, the idea of giving people a glimpse into the studios where raw materials are transformed into superb art pieces still holds its appeal.

This informative and rewarding experience bridges the gap between creator and patron, as visitors witness the artistic process at work through demonstrations and displays. The Muskoka landscape and the artists who draw their inspiration from it extend a special welcome to visitors on this glorious weekend in Autumn.

Come and discover a variety of art studios in the Muskoka region this weekend. The members of Canada's original studio tour invite you into their workplaces to discover the inspiration behind their talent.

For a complete list of studios and additional information, visit:

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