Grab Yourself a Condo in the Gateway to Ontario's Recreational Region

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Aug 25, 2011 11:48:00 AM

The simple question is - is your time now?

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Muskoka Wharf is the place to be right now, the gateway to Ontario's Recreational Region, what is destined to be the geographical and social center of the Lake Muskoka region so where are you? Grab yourself a two bedroom, 2 bathroom condo starting from only $268,800. This is a 'builder blowout' so once these properties are gone they are gone. 

The Greavette is part of a 30 acre development at Muskoka Wharf which is located at Highway 169 and Gravenhurst. Situated only 90 minutes from Toronto overlooking Lake Muskoka, you get to experience that laid-back lifestyle that cottage country has to offer while at the same time you're never too far away from the city. 


Situated only steps away from the waterfront this gives you a chance to really experience the leisure of life. Muskoka Wharf offers the slow pace style of life that you crave when living the city. Stroll along Lake Muskoka, potter around the farmers market after going for a bike ride around the country area. Really the decision is up to you - but the main thing is, you have a lot of choice! Gravenhurst is the gateway to Ontario's Recreational Center so why would you miss out on this opportunity - grab yourself a condo here while they are still available. Trust us they are selling like hotcakes, now with only four left!!!! 


Book yourself a FREE TOUR here and discover the magic of Muskoka Wharf.

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Muskoka Wharf - Cottage Time is Here

Posted by Victoria Dobbs on Aug 24, 2011 11:51:00 AM

It is that giant elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about - how bad do you want a place in cottage country to call your own? During the summer months people who own properties there never stop going on about it and those who don't, well they just dream of Lake Muskoka and all it has to offer. Which side are you on?

regatta muskoka wharfThe time has come for you to join that club and fulfil that dream of owning a piece of lakefront real estate. Situated only 90 minutes from Toronto, Gravenhurst, the gateway to Muskoka gives you that coveted 'Muskoka experience' without the hassle. This is your opportunity to actually participate in 'cottage time' and soak up that lifestyle. 

Does the idea of cleaning and maintenance fees put you off buying a cottage simply because of the hassle factor? What if there was an option to purchase a condo in a condo hotel which not only takes the maintenance weight off your shoulders' but also offers you the choice to show up at Muskoka Wharf and begin your vacation the minute you get there - the way every vacation should be! 

What does condo ownership entail? Basically what it means is that you are buying a suite at a hotel, therefore your room is clean when you get there, the hotel staff are your staff and your breakfast is made when you wake in the mornings - doesn't this sound like paradise! Owning a condo at Muskoka Wharf also gives you the added benefit of building up some extra income during the down time when your not using the property, a perfect way to build up some more finances. These condos in this desirable cottage destination are selling like hotcakes so our advice? Get in there stat. 

Don't let yourself miss out on this luxurious cottage experience in Gravenhurst on the southeastern bay of Lake Muskoka. 

Take a boat ride on North America's famous steam ship the RMS Segwun and breath it all in. Cottage time is here. 

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Meet our Neighbours: Muskoka Bay Club

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Jul 13, 2011 11:59:00 AM

Muskoka Bay Club, is a four season community with an abundance of recreational and social activities just outside your door. The crowning glory is the incredible 17,000 square foot Clifftop Clubhouse. The definitive recreational and social centre - a place to play and relax.

Experience exquisite dining, full-service fitness, a stylish spa retreat, infinity pool, kid's pool, tennis courts, pro shop and bistro. 

Muskoka Bay Club, golf course scored 8.2500 making it among the top courses in the province. As a semi-private golf facility, the Muskoka Bay Club has been designed to accommodate golfers of all playing abilities.The holes at the Muskoka Bay Club wind through mature forests and across majestic wetlands that have been incorporated and preserved in the layout. The Muskoka Bay Club will also feature a luxurious year-round clubhouse and an exceptional practice facility.

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The Muskoka Bay club is located only 90 minutes from Toronto in the town of Gravenhurst just steps away from Muskoka Wharf. Muskoka Wharf is a $170 million master planned residential and commercial development, situated on Lake Muskoka. 

In Muskoka Wharf we have a very exciting opportunity for you available NOW:

Residence at Muskoka Wharf: Is managed by the largest hotel operator in the world. The Residences is located right within Muskoka Wharf, and is a short stroll along the boardwalk to the Segwun (oldest steamship left in Canada), and the restaurants such as Boston Pizza, Sunset Grill,The Regatta and Muskoka Bay Club. This very successful new Muskoka hotel has condos available for 30% off their original selling price starting from as low as $149,900. The Residences at Muskoka Wharf offers a choice of Studio, One Bedroom, and Two Bedroom Suites. Each suite is totally furnished and comes with a private balcony and a gas fireplace. All suites are in the rental pool, to produce rental income to pay off all your typical condo operating costs and much more. In addition, all purchasers will receive full access to the hotel amenities and personal use for up to 35 days every year!



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