Blog Mini-Series, Part 2 of 5: How To Improve Your Sales State Of Mind For Results

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Nov 7, 2014 12:00:00 PM

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“If you want to improve your sales, the first thing you need to do is take a good look at yourself, your basic techniques and how you relate to people.”

This blog entry is part of a mini-series on the basics of effective sales and marketing strategy. This 5-part series provides guidelines for improving your state of mind for results.
  1. Introduction: It’s not your market, it’s your marketing
  2. Get rid of negativity
  3. Always do your research
  4. Sell to women first
  5. Book the next meeting before they leave the room

Getting rid of negativity

I believe that how I feel is all up to me. It’s you that consumers are buying and if you’re positive and you focus on those positive emotions they will want to buy.

Would you want to hang out with a friend that’s negative, whiny and complaining? Nobody wants to be with a person like that. When you get a negative person and a positive person together, the negative person sucks the life out of the positive one. I don’t care if you’re Tony Robbins positive. If you put Tony Robbins in front of Negative Nancy, she will suck the positive energy right out of him.

Avoid negative people

You’ve got to be careful about who you hang around with. If you own a business or manage a department, you should only hire people with a positive attitude, and there should be no negative talk in your office. And if you work in an office where there’s a negative person, stay away from him as much as you can.

People that spew negative thoughts have the power to hurt your family and kill your dreams because they can detract from your success or the success of your business.

Learning positive state of mind from athletes

You are like an athlete. Athletes are very careful about what they put into their bodies because it affects their physical performance, and you need to be very careful about what you listen to because it can affect your performance too.

Customers respond to your attitude

They want to feel your positivity and that you care about them. What you are doing and what you are saying is going to affect their decision to buy. This is why having a brand that conveys a positive message is so vital, because it’s that message that customers are really buying.

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