• To sell 60 unbuilt condominium units in an over-saturated market within a 90 day period.


  • Develop “Essex II” Contest
  • Promote contest to targeted database of 50,000 postal and email address using N5R’s MyMail Direct Mail program
  • Announce contest to N5R permission database
  • Invite recipient to unique, personalized website
  • Pre-populate entry form to lower abandon rate
  • Include prospecting survey to qualify leads, high quality leads sent to sales reps for immediate follow up.
  • 3,510 total contest entrants
  • O ver 80% site visitors entered the contest
  • 33% open rate on N5R database email
  • 7.55% CTR rate on N5R database email
  • 370 contest entrants subsequently visited sales centre
  • 50+ units sold during contest