"Roman is a positive, no nonsense, no excuses individual. I was immediately eager to absorb as much information and insight and tricks of the trade to further enhance my professional development and to also become more efficient and effective in my work life. He was engaging, thoughtful and obviously very current in sales and project management techniques to lift productivity and achieve specific goals. I highly recommend to get in touch with Roman to make yourself accountable and to achieve a clearer sense of process through his clever yet simplistic mantra and software." 

Alex Minicozzi, Project Consultant

"Our week with Roman was a game-changer for our business. Combined with the implementation of HubSpot, Roman has completely changed the operations of our sales and marketing teams for the better. He will be a friend and mentor of the Connekt business for many years to come"

Carly Aherne, Marketing Manager

"I really enjoyed our sessions with Roman. He’s certainly made me rethink the way I go about my sales role and I look forward to challenging my existing methods to produce better results in the future."

Charlie Gibbings, Project Consultant

"Through our sessions, I was reminded, as you are when attending conferences or professional training seminars, hints as to how to control a conversation with a prospective buyer, with the aim of getting that important meeting. This I have used in recent days with effect. I look forward to gaining a complete understanding of the Hubspot CRM system and getting more out of our individual project databases!"

Chris McCauley, Project Consultant

"I would like to thank you for opening more doors in our business in a very short stay in Adelaide. There is a “buzz” in the office that appears to be growing each day from everyone. We look forward to your next visit to enlighten us on more positive programs."

Craig Angel, Property Consultant

"Roman has given us the confidence to believe in a structured and formal game plan from beginning to end of the product mix, design, marketing and sales delivery. Our projects are successful when we execute a process proven time and time again to deliver result."

Georgie Taarnby, Project Consultant

"There are lots of business coaches and mentors out there who very eloquently put forward their ideas however it was so refreshing to spend time with Roman who is so passionate about what he does and gets his message across is such a simple and effective way. The big difference with Roman is that he shares what he actually does. It’s not just theory it’s what he has successfully developed and used in his own hugely successful business. So excited to be able to implement his strategies and looking forward to our business and people reaping the rewards."

Ian Horne, General Manager Projects

"Roman has given me his valuable knowledge of sales. I have been able to arrange more face to face meeting since the session with Roman. The thing I loved most about the session with Roman is how to handle rejection. I have been trying the technique Feel, Felt, Found and it has work well for me. Also I have been using "as comparing to” to help me handle difficult situation. Thank again Roman." 

Jack Lim, Project Consultant

"I believe Roman’s training and his advice is very influential. Roman’s approach is not only focussed on communication but also utilising social media to spread the word. I am starting to use his advice when I talk to prospective buyers. It appears to me that this approach is unique and I will be utilising it in the day-to-day sales environment."

Jiayan Zhang, Project Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoyed the days we spent training with Roman, I have already applied a lot of the things he taught us to my daily routine. I am now extremely motivated to see how well I can push myself."

Jordan Williams, Project Consultant

"Roman Bodnarchuk is a dynamic presenter, and clearly committed to excellence in his work and life. His impressive experience and clear-eyed observations provide invaluable insights for business, and helped re-ignite my passion for marketing! I would enthusiastically recommend him to any business considering bringing Roman in as a business partner."

Katrina Nitschke, Media Strategist

"Everything that was discussed with Roman was nothing more than basic common sense. But he has structured his methods in a way that is measurable and creates immediate results. His attitude of “No Excuses” has resinated with me as we are in an industry where we have many people to blame, but if we are proactive in our approach, nothing else can get in the way."

Kent Williams, Project Consultant

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience Roman’s presentation and workshop. His involvement of all participants through “role playing” and using real life experiences as comparisons was extremely relatable. I found the whole experience a “breath of fresh air” and really gave me the confidence to excel in my roll and expand on what I thought I was previously capable of, to what I now believe I am capable of through Roman’s goal setting strategies."

Lisa Vallely, Client Experience Manager

"Our four days with Roman were brilliant and he is very inspirational. Connekt now has a renewed focus and it will be great to be part of such a successful team."

Paula Angel, Office Manager/Marketing

"Roman was a terrific communicator and provided terrific sales strategies and training that are now implemented in my day to day life. I think a lot of his advice was common sense, but it was what he emphasised most that stuck with me – phone calls, response times and generally approaching the day with optimism."

Ren Papilion, Project Consultant

"Roman was a very experienced presenter providing a lot of real life experiences and examples. There was a mix of theory and practical tasks mixed in, so it was never boring. The practical tasks forced us to think about the concepts we learnt and provided us one on one feedback based on how we handled the situation. The practical tasks really gave us an idea of what to expect when dealing with future clients."

Richard Lam, IT

"Roman, possibly the best salesperson of his generation and someone who has an amazing grasp of how the social media spectrum fits in to the marketing mix."

Robert Coulls, Project Consultant

"Our week of training with Roman was a fantastic opportunity for our team. Roman’s extensive knowledge of cutting edge technology enabled him to give us an edge on our competition. Roman listened to our concerns and addressed them immediately, always providing constructive criticism when needed. I feel more confident in my role in sales after our week with Roman."

Sam Moten, Project Consultant

"Roman was fantastic. His presentation has sparked new life into the office and the results are already showing, can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Tom McVann, Project Consultant

"It is amazing to see how the energy levels across the organisation lifted as we worked through our sessions with Roman."

Wayne Gibbings, General Manager Projects